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Exhibitor Tips

When you register ...

Properly detailed description of your company

In your log, highlight your years of experience, your area of expertise and all the information that you consider relevant. All this information will give greater guarantee for the professional visitor.

Choose your Trade Fair properly

In EXPOb2b we have many different Trade Fairs so your products can be exhibited in more than one at once. Take advantage of the benefits that offers simultaneous Internet presence in those fairs that you consider. However, do not abuse this technique, or you will lose credibility.

Do not leave any field blank your registration

A registration form fully completed of an exhibitor, without any blank field, with accurate data and detailed descriptions, inspires more credibility than one that does not have it.

When posting a product ...


Provide a detailed description of the product offered: size, material, available colors, availability, delivery, etc ... The more detailed, the better.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Nothing beats a good picture to understand what product you´re offering. Remember that you can only upload photos of a minimum of 500 x 500 pixels and in jpg or png format.

Photos should be high quality and should clearly show your product on a white or neutral background. Colorful backgrounds, watermarks and textures that break the uniformity of the products displayed are not eligible.

The photos may not include contact information, address, email or other contact. They must be superimposed text. As far the company logo on the photo, and how subtle watermark is permitted, Expob2b SL reserves the rejection or photo if it determines that does not meet the requested quality standards.

Answer emails as soon as possible

Please check your email frequently to be able to serve everyone as quickly as possible.